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With the innerGPS System, you can  Go Deep, utilise supportive Parachutes & install effective Strategies to:-

  • Gain that inner belief & confidence 
  • Pro-actively connect and communicate more effectively with yourself and others. 
  • Step out of the shadows of your past & confidently communicate your message.

Karen O’Donnell, founder of the innerGPS System, began her pursuit of mental wellness over 20 years ago.  However, it wasn’t until a near-death experience in 2006, that propelled her into taking a much deeper look at the various emotional & societal roadblocks that can erode our confidence, on our life’s journey.  These roadblocks can create unnecessary stresses that prevent us from communicating confidently, resulting in us being unable to reach our potential.

“Don’t limit yourself…. your fears carry your greatest growth…. take ownership of your talents and you will confidently communicate your message”


Karen, thank you for the excellent workshop, Stand Out When You Speak. It really showed the power of story telling and how story telling can bring any topic to life and draw in an audience. It was really a worthwhile session and i would recommend it to anybody who wants to bring a speech or presentation to life. 

John Dunleavy
Managing Director, Vistra, Dublin.

One of the best things about working with Karen was having someone say what I was thinking but afraid to utter.  I hadn't realised that I was still on 'high alert' from an event that happened years ago!  Life is full of possibilities again!

Arthur, London

Lots of ‘light bulb’ moments – thank you for that amazing breakthrough!  

Dee Walsh
Healthcare Professional

Karen gave me the Inner GPS tools I needed  to value myself.  With my new found self belief, I went for the promotion and got it!  The skills Karen taught me have redefined me. 

Rachel, Wexford

Karen is gifted, insightful and wise.  Myself and my partner have 'found' each other again!

Bernie, Galway

Everyone should have a Karen O’Donnell in their life!

She helped me to reframe my past and to work towards the future, to drop the guilt and focus on what makes me happy as a mother and also to enjoy my career.  

Lisa, Wicklow

We turned to Karen as a last resort and I'm so thankful that we gave ourselves that chance.... even after the first session, we felt there was hope and it was not long before we were on the same side and actually supporting one another emotionally.  

Mark, Kildare