Navigate your way to increased success, mental clarity & happiness with innerGPS Coaching

How can innerGPS help you achieve your personal and business goals?

By exploring this  innerGPS System – you will Go Deep,  learn to utilise life’s Parachutes and adopt effective Strategies.   With the GPS system you  can confidently address miscommunications and thought patterns that have become roadblocks on your life’s journey.  With your new navigation system you can:

  • Gain that inner belief that you can BE what you want to be.
  • Pro-actively connect and communicate more effectively with yourself and others. 
  • Step out of the shadows of your past & step into your own power.

Karen O’Donnell, founder of innerGPS, has a strong background in Human Resources and Personal Leadership Coaching.  Karen began her pursuit of mental wellness over 20 years ago.   A near-death experience after the birth of Karen’s second child in 2006 propelled her into taking a much deeper look at the various roadblocks on our life’s journey.  These roadblocks can prevent us from reaching our potential! 

After several years of research and practice, Karen created the inner GPS – your navigation system for success, mental clarity and happiness. 

In which of the following areas are you looking to improve your navigation?


Whether you want to enhance your personal growth, relationship with your partner, or in work - our coaching sessions are tailored to meet your specific requirements.


Have you an important speech to deliver? Would you your presentation to be remembered for all the right reasons? With our World Class communication techniques you will achieve the best outcome for your presentation.

Corporate Training

Team engagement and effective communication are vital skills for a successful. Interactive sessions to ensure each person gets the maximum learning.

Just Browsing

Check out our free resources to assist you in all areas of your life.

Client Results:

 She gave me the confidence and structure I needed and removed the fear for me. 

Ross Killeen
CEO, Event Junkies & Motherland

Karen has shown herself to be an extremely positive and supportive person with excellent communication and leadership skills. 

Paul Thompson
HR Operations & Transformation Lead @ Google Ireland

One of the best things about working with Karen was having someone say what I was thinking but afraid to utter. 

Arthur, London

Lots of ‘light bulb’ moments – thank you for that amazing breakthrough!  

Dee Walsh
Healthcare Professional

Karen gave me the Inner GPS tools I needed  to move forward.  The skills she presented me with have redefined my life. 

Jane, Wexford

Karen is gifted, insightful and wise.   We have 'found' each other again!

Bernie, Galway

Everyone should have a Karen O’Donnell in their life!

She helped me to reframe my past and to work towards the future, to drop the guilt and focus on what makes me happy as a mother and a person.  

Lisa, Wicklow

We turned to Karen as a last resort and I'm so thankful that we gave ourselves that chance.... even after the first session, we felt there was hope and it was not long before we were on the same side and actually supporting one another emotionally.  

Mark, Kildare