Karen O’Donnell creator of innerGPS System

“Life is very, very simple and easy to understand, but we complicate it with the beliefs and ideas that we create.”

-Don Miguel Ruiz


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Have you ever been…

  • Overwhelmed
  • Unsure what direction to take
  • Frustrated with yourself or others?

If  you have these feelings, then our innerGPS programs can assist you.

Those feelings, and more are brought about, to a greater or lesser degree by our childhood experiences.  Any unresolved emotional upset results in our young minds adopting beliefs about ourselves, others and the world – in order to make sense of it all. 


The innerGPSsystem is a program of self-enquiry, mental and emotional support, and dynamic techniques & strategies designed to heal past traumas; help you find the authentic you and experience life as you are meant to live it — with happiness, prosperity and optimism.

That’s how you will learn to navigate your way to success and happiness with your InnerGPS!


Hi, I’m Karen, your innerGPS Coach.  My background is in HR and Personal Leadership Coaching.   I have also spent the past 20 years empowering clients to step out of the shadows of their past and into their own power.  I am a lifelong learner and always looking to improve my skills so as to support my clients.  My studies included Counselling Skills with Maynooth college; being a certified Journey Practitioner  and a Radical Forgiveness Coach.  I have also studied NLP and CBT.

After a near death experience in 2006, I realised I was living a muted version of myself.  I gained an insight into roadblocks that are in our way to achieving success, mental clarity and happiness.  With years of research and practice, I developed the innerGPS System, so that clients can pick up these tools and techniques in order to become masters of their own destiny.  When you remove roadblocks…. your journey is so much brighter, more fun and purposeful.



"I have developed and co-facilitated workshops with Karen, however it was as a participant at one of her workshops that I gained a deep appreciation for her facilitation style. Karen has a way of engaging participants to get the fullest experience they can, from participating in her workshops. It is obvious Karen researches her material well and interacts in a warm approachable way with the group. I found a shift in my own thinking by being a participant in one of the workshops that has shone light on a block for me that I was not aware was there. Thank you Karen. Keep up the amazing work in your own unique way. "

Sandra LostyThe Recovery Coach

Karen's credentials really stood out to us, and her engagement style made it straight-forward to tailor a package to suit our needs. The feedback received to date is proving it's time well spent, with this response standing out to me, from an experienced yet quiet manager; "I'd go as far to say it was one of the best sessions I have attended in my career". We are delighted with progress to date and wouldn't hesitate in recommending for other organisations.

Dean CaronDirector of IT Delivery, Engineering Excellence (DevOps) @ Unum Ireland

Karen is just brilliant! she is so encouraging. I have always struggled with confidence and within my business I held back because of fear of what others would think. Karen helped me gain effective techniques that helped with imposter syndrome. After just 1 power hour session I felt super motivated! karen gave great tips and ideas. Since then i decided to step out of my own way and not let fear get in my way. thanks Karen

Dominiquea KearnsBeauty Salon owner

“Karen O’Donnell brings her positive, can-do attitude to every endeavour, and has been a reliable and valued advisor. I look forward to continued collaboration with Karen, and benefitting from her smart ideas, calming presence, and unwavering positivity and support.”

Karen HenryDigital Marketing Strategist, Accenture Dublin

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