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In corporate Ireland – only 16% of executive roles are held by women, yet women are highly educated and in some areas, more than men!

At management level Women are well represented – with 41% of managers being female, but when it comes to senior executives in Ireland, there are just 16%!

There is ‘societal conditioning’ that plays a big part in this staggering  statistic.  Limiting beliefs that can sabotage women striving forward and  which also erodes a woman’s confidence in the workforce.  Aptly put by successful Irish businesswoman Norah Casey, when she said “it’s always confidence, not competence, that hold women back.

In society, girls are brought up with the strong expectation to follow rules, in order to be a ‘good girl’ and are rewarded for doing so.  This rewarding good ‘rule following’ behaviour can have a negative impact on women in their careers.  In relation to stepping up the next rung on their career ladder,  this  rule-following habit has real implications, when it comes to adhering to the guidelines about “who should apply.”  Women tend to only apply when they fully meet the criteria.

This was confirmed in a recent survey where Hewlett-Packard wanted to see why more women weren’t in top management positions, they made an interesting discovery:

Women working at HP applied for a promotion only when they believed they met 100 percent of the qualifications listed for the job. Men were happy to apply when they thought they could meet 60 percent of the job requirements.

That is a 40% confidence differential!

Furthermore, the survey also found that 24% of women lack confidence to highlight things they’ve done well and 17% aren’t sure enough of themselves to seek promotion.

Tom Schuller is an independent social and educational researcher also wrote of this dilemma in his book “The Paula Principle” – why women work below their level of competence.

Reset your Mindset

InnerGPS Coaching is a style of coaching which helps you to reset your mindset in relation to yourself, others and the environment in which you live.   InnerGPS helps you remove mental roadblocks that are in your way.  It recalibrates your inner compass so as it can guide you to   intentionally and confidently strive towards your goals.

InnerGPS provides powerful core belief balancing processes to enhance self-awareness and self-empowerment.  These core beliefs were created in childhood to help us survive by believing something about ourselves and sometimes, that belief was not really true.  It just helped us fit in, or be accepted by others.  These were the rules we followed, a primate roadmap, though these limiting beliefs can continue to influence us when we are adults and this primate roadmap can become a roadblock in our journey in life.  As they are well hidden, we may not always see them.

Several months or more away from your job can impact on your confidence.  It can play havoc with your belief in yourself.  Or when you step out of your comfort zone and consider applying for that promotion.  Each time we are faced with a different situation, our fears, doubts and judgement go into overdrive and its enough to stop us in our tracks!

I have  been privileged to work with some amazing women.  Women who were facing the daunting prospect of returning to work after spending a few years away, raising their children; and also women in corporate who wanted to reach higher levels within the organisation.

When doubt creeps in, we can be very critical of ourselves.  This can knock our confidence, and our self-belief in all areas is challenged.

By looking at these limiting beliefs, we can navigate through these emotional roadblocks.  When we rebuild our confidence, we can take on any role, whether it is motherhood,  a career or starting our own business.

With innerGPS Coaching you can remove that sense of overwhelm, frustration, self-sabotaging thought processes.  The key to everything you seek, is within you – you just need to Go Deep to find it.  By clearing out the limiting beliefs and you will uncover clarity, creativity and confidence.

By increasing confidence, and stepping into our own power, we can excel personally and professionally….. with innerGPS you can achieve your goal!

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