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Putting you in the driver's seat of your life!

"Karen facilitated my journey and gave me the tools I needed  to move forward. To say that, it is truly not enough. She is my “Earth Angel” and will forever be so.  For the skills she presented me with have redefined my life." 

Jane Larkin, Hospitality industry

Clearing Roadblocks!

Frequently, what we ‘believe’ about others, our surroundings and ourselves can limit what we can achieve.  We all have our own set of limiting beliefs. In most cases,  they were transferred directly or indirectly to us, by our parents, our teachers, society and we have been carrying them with us for years. These form part of our roadmap on how to navigate childhood.  

These limiting beliefs can become roadblocks for us as we become adults.

After years of research and practise, I created the innerGPS system.  I have had the honour of helping clients just like you, to clear out their limiting beliefs and access their true potential.

My invitation to you, is to put on your ‘explorers cap’, shine a light within and with my help, clear out the crud of those limiting beliefs.  You can then navigate to where you can uncover your brilliance and true potential.

Together, we will clear out those roadblocks that are in your way and put in place a supportive strategic plan for you to achieve the relationships you want, the success you seek and the life you deserve.


Karen was an enthusiastic ear and gave me great feedback to refine and perfect my presentation. She gave me the confidence and structure I needed and removed the fear for me.

Ross Killeen, CEO Eventjunkies & Motherland

Coaching for you!


  • Feeling stuck?
  • Challenges with work and/or your colleagues?
  • Questioning life and relationships?

With innerGPS Coaching you will:

  • Explore your current reality & transform how you view your past, and what is occuring for you in the present, especially where relationships are concerned.
  • Assist your body to heal from emotional traumas from the past and increase your joy.
  • Uncover your true power and potential.
  • Pick up self-care strategies.
  • Learn effective techniques to engage your team and inspire them to excel in the workplace. 

Whether you are seeking personal growth, relationship coaching or enhancing your emotional intelligence in business, our innerGPS Coaching program can help you.

Should you wish to find avail of our innerGPS Coaching program for couples, please click on the link below.

With Karen's personalised approach and techniques, I could relate to the audience and found my voice. I would not hesitate to engage Karen for future presentations and seminars. I look forward to working with her on the next presentation.

 Rachel Kane, Life Hack

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