innerGPS Couple's Coaching

Get the relationship you both deserve.

With the inner GPS techniques myself and my wife have become best friends again. We can Go Deep, be each others parachute and support each other with the strategies we learned from Karen.

James, Kildare

Getting your relationships back on track!

Clear communication is a window into the world of your partner and truly being heard and understood is easily achievable, with the right tools.
With the inner GPS system, we can pinpoint roadblocks that can cause misunderstandings between you and your partner.
Using the tools taught during our coaching sessions, you can restructure the way to talk to each other so that you both heal the hurts from the past.
These sessions are all about going deep, getting underneath the problems and frustrations in your relationship, and finding out what is really happening at a deeper level of emotional need. It’s a non-judgmental process, no-one gets blamed, or comes out as the bad guy
You will come away feeling good, and finding ways to live your life together in a richer way. It’s an amazing experience, getting to know your partner on a deeper level.
Give your relationship an NCT and get back in the driving seat of your lives!!

Couple Coaching was our last chance and we managed, with hard work and amazing support from Karen, we got back on track. In the process, we picked up simple, yet effective tools which we continue to use.

Anna, Wicklow