Executive Coaching

I am in the business of helping people and as an executive, your business success can be enhanced by your soft skills in relation to the people in your teams.

We also look at your self-care strategies.  


Karen exudes energy and has demonstrated that she has vast expertise in the areas of communication and team leadership.

Paul Thompson, HR Operations & Transformation Lead @ Google Ireland

Vital Soft Skills for your Success!

The success of a team can largely be attributable to their emotional interaction and support. 

Leaders with high levels of EEI can achieve greater results from their teams when they have a better understanding of themselves, their people and their situations.  They can then adapt an approach that will create the best results for their organisation.

With an emphasis on employee engagement, team members get a real sense of belonging and in that supportive environment, work effective towards achieving the companies’ goals.

During these coaching sessions, we will dive into the speaker toolkit where you will create effective, powerful presentations.

All the tools in our masterclasses are at your disposal in your private sessions.  You will pick up powerful processes to construct your presentations and will be seen as the expert in your field.

When you are successful at your job, you are rewarded with more responsibility.  As an executive, you are not immune from the negative self-assessment that often carries on in our heads.  

By using the Inner GPS principles, you can take better care of yourself and be highly effective in business.

Karen is very energising and inspiring. She is very professional and personal too.

Tanya Gricenko MIATI, Management Consulting Analyst, Accenture

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