Have you ever asked yourself…?

  • Why am I unhappy?
  • Why don’t I get the success I deserve?
  • Why do I have difficulty with relationships?

If  these questions were ever on your mind,  then our innerGPS programs can assist you.

After many years of self-discovery, and a dedication to acquiring and training with a variety of therapies and modalities, I developed a powerful program of self-discovery.  This innerGPS system is a program of self-enquiry, mental and emotional support, and dynamic techniques and strategies designed to help you find the real you and experience life as you are meant to live it — with happiness, prosperity and optimism.

The innerGPS system has taken many years to develop and includes numerous incredibly powerful strategies, tools and techniques. Over almost two decades of working with clients, one-to-one and in group settings, I have condensed and gathered my most effective strategies and practical steps to assist you in navigating your way to your desired destination. I also teach this as a workshop series helping you create change through practical steps that alter how you view life.

Get the benefit of the innerGPS in one of the following programs:


Whether you want to enhance your personal growth, relationship with your partner, or in work - our coaching sessions are tailored to meet your specific requirements.


Have you an important speech to deliver? Would you like your presentation to be remembered for all the right reasons? With our World Class communication techniques you will achieve the best outcome for your presentation.

Corporate Training

Team engagement and effective communication are vital skills for a successful. Interactive sessions to ensure each person gets the maximum learning.


Book an award winning speaker, to deliver engaging presentations at your next event.