from stress to SUCCESS Mindset

Your 6 week Online Program January 15th 2020

Have you ever been effected by

....then its time to RESET your MINDSET

Going from stress to SUCCESS involves a set of skills that you can learn at any time.... from the privacy and comfort of your own room!

In our  from stress to success mindset program, you will learn how to:-

  • silence self-doubt;
  • increase your confidence; and 
  • step into your own potential and power.  

You will pick up techniques to take action and reach your goals in business, your relationships and in your personal life.

This 6 week online program offers you so much more than just content!

  • Program accessed via the teachable online learning platform.
  • Membership also involves access to our private Facebook Group.
  • Weekly live Zoom group calls.

Gain ongoing support through these various platforms.

Some answers to your 'online program' questions:

This program is based on our #1 Amazon Best Selling book ‘Discover your innerGPS’  As this course if new, we will be making some final adjustments to it based on your feedback.  

We are offering it in ‘beta’ mode as we would like your feedback on its functionality.  For instance, whether the various interactive elements of the program are effective?  Did any of the program confuse you?  

Your valuable feedback will assist us in enhancing this program.  For this reason, the beta course is offered to you at a special price of €199.00, with the regular price being €495.00

Each persons journey is different and the time you need to spend on this course will depend on your previous personal growth work. 

The program is designed so as you can carry out ongoing reflective work between each section.  Aim to invest a few hours a week on each section. 

Our live Q&A will take 30 minutes.

In addition to your weekly reflective work, and live calls, you will be assigned 10-minute daily exercises that we encourage you to take advantage of! These micro exercises will assist you in integrating the learning from the section. 

Just prior to the start of the program, you will be sent login information.  In this email you will also receive the live schedules and also your invitation to join the private Facebook group.

Once you receive your login details, you will have all your learning sections and resources conveniently located in one area. 

As well as our live Q&A weekly calls, I would encourage you to leave your comments in each section of the program.  If you have a question that you would like answered, though would rather not mention it in front of the group, you can always email me and I will answer it.  There is also an added option of booking a private 1:1 Go Deep session with me.  Email support is available to you for the duration of the program.  You also have the option to attend any of my LIVE events!  Our private Facebook group is an opportunity to gain encouragement and support from fellow explorers as well as the innerGPS Team. 

Our live calls are via the Zoom platform.  This can be accessed via computer or phone.  If you cannot attend these calls, they will be emailed to you and also available in our private Facebook group.

from Stress to Success Mindset with innerGPS

Get your 6 week online program - RESET your MINDSET & Master your Destiny
Are you ready to.....
Detect and remove mental roadblocks
Gain clarity of heart & mind
Enhance your self-worth and self-esteem
Master the art of forgiveness of you and others
Enhance your social & professional relationships
Face challenges with greater confidence
Communicate more effectively

Some Explorers I met along the way

“Everything that came from me came from deep deep within” I have a bright light shining inside, a zest for life burning that cannot be suppressed, extinguished or dampened by even the darkest of Winters. I did not always have this. A journey of sorts has taken me to this place within me, a place where anything and everything is possible. My very first session with Karen, was very much a wow moment for me. There were tears, anger, joy, so many emotions that just needed to find a way out. The approach is one that I had never come across before. Everything that came from me came from deep deep within. Karen created an environment and a safety net that felt true and real. The peeling of layers, sitting with and accepting emotions and feelings rather than running from them. A very new concept for me at the time. Karen was by my side through all. It may sound strange but reconnecting with my inner child was the key for me. This is where and when all my former belief systems originated and held true. This is something I had to do in order to move forward. Karen facilitated my return to ME and gave me the tools I needed to move forward. To say that, it is truly not enough. She is my “Earth Angel” and will forever be so. For the skills she presented me with have redefined my life.

Jane, Meath

This beta program comes to you as this special introductory offer of €199. Avail of this special offer now as doors will be closing on this special price on January 20th. Your feedback will help me refine the functionality of the on-line experience.

The regular published price of €495 will then take effect.