innerGPS Explorer Packages

Imagine A Life Where…..

you feel content in your own skin; you acknowledge your amazingness and other people recognise it too; you are FREE from emotional roadblocks and are free to follow your true path

Go Deep Session 2hrs

The Go Deep Session is at the heart of the innerGPS.  This is where we uncover  unresolved emotional upset, limiting beliefs and count-productive coping mechanisms.  We uncover behaviour patterns which are holding you back from achieving what is truly meant for you.

Imagine, being more accepting of yourself and lighter for having dropped all this old negative baggage!

Thats the power of the transformative Go Deep session.

Strategy sessions – 1hr

Retraining your intuition muscle, takes a little time.  Allowing those old patterns to wind down whilst you take on more supportive mechanisms.  This re-training takes place during the following 1hr strategy sessions after the Go Deep sessions.

The unique style to the innerGPS program gives you the option of  ongoing support which ensures the utmost success for you! Book your call and have a chat with Karen before confirming your package selection. With our innerGPS packages, you can step into your own power & unleash your awesomeness!  Alternative programs are tailor-made to meet your specific requirements.

1 Month Explorer


1 Month
  •  1 x 2hr GO DEEP coaching session
  • 2 additional coaching hours
  • 2 follow-on strategy emails

3 Month NavigatorBEST CHOICE


3 Months
  •  2 x 2hr GO DEEP coaching session
  • 6 additional coaching hours
  • 5 follow-on strategy emails

3 Month Voyager


3 Months
  •  3 x 2hr GO DEEP coaching session
  • 9 additional coaching hours
  • 6 follow-on strategy emails



1 Go Deep Session

 1 x 2hr GO DEEP coaching session
 1 x follow on strategy email

Schedule your 15 minute call with Karen before confirming package

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