“It’s only after you’ve stepped outside your comfort zone that you begin to change, grow and transform”

-Ray T. Bennett


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Hi, I’m Karen, your innerGPS Coach. My background is in HR and Personal Leadership Coaching. I have also spent the past 20 years empowering clients to step out of the shadows of their past and into their own power. My deepest wish is for you to put on your explorer’s cap, Go Deep to uncover the limiting patterns and thought processes that have been holding you back. Once you clear these out of your way, you will uncover your true hidden treasure, YOU.


Karen’s workshop left me uplifted, excited and ready to step into the next level of my life – a higher level. Clearing a belief that was holding me back helped me find the answers within myself. Karen is an amazing teacher who delivered a calm and structured workshop to get maximum results.

Amanda DelaneyBusiness Coach

Karen is just brilliant! she is so encouraging. I have always struggled with confidence and within my business I held back because of fear of what others would think. Karen helped me gain effective techniques that helped with imposter syndrome. After just 1 power hour session I felt super motivated! karen gave great tips and ideas. Since then i decided to step out of my own way and not let fear get in my way. thanks Karen

Dominiquea KearnsBeauty Salon owner

Thanks a million! This was amazing. Karen you are an excellent energiser, a very inspiring person, I feel empowered! I am detoxed now, I am brave and very confident. I will imagine that you are beside me and this will help me to unlock my potential. I now believe in myself.

Tanya GricenkoManagement Consultant @Accenture

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