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“You were designed for accomplishment, engineered for success, and endowed with the seeds of greatness.”

-Zig Ziglar


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With innerGPS Coaching you can:

  • Explore your current reality & transform how you view your past, and what is occuring for you in the present, especially where relationships are concerned.
  • Assist your body to heal from emotional traumas from the past and increase your joy.
  • Uncover your true power and potential. Pick up self-care strategies.
  • Learn effective techniques to engage your team and inspire them to excel in the workplace.

Together, we will clear out those roadblocks that are in your way and put in place a supportive strategic plan for you to achieve the relationships you want, the success you seek and the life you deserve.



“Everything that came from me came from deep deep within”

I have a bright light shining inside, a zest for life burning that cannot be suppressed, extinguished or dampened by even the darkest of Winters. I did not always have this.  A journey of sorts has taken me to this place within me, a place where anything and everything is possible.  I am happy in my heart, happy in my head, happy in my soul and spirit. 

I developed a lot of amazing belief systems as a kid that were indeed beneficial up to a certain point in my life.  Unknown to me at the time, I managed to carry them through into my adult life where they severely hindered my emotional, physical and spiritual growth.  From disordered eating to other self-destructive behaviours, the constant monkey chatter in my head, berating me and putting me down.  My hamster wheel which I never stepped off for fear of the past catching up with me and a torrent of emotions and feelings that would drown me if I stopped.  It petrified me.  All of it.

My very first session with Karen, was very much a wow moment for me.  There were tears, anger, joy, so many emotions that just needed to find a way out.   I can only describe it as earth shattering and a tremendous leap into the unknown.  The approach is one that I had never come across before.  Everything that came from me came from deep deep within.  Karen created an environment and a safety net that felt true and real.  I wanted to understand all the belief systems that were surfacing and so badly wanted to move forwards or “onwards and upwards” which became our mutual philosophy.  The peeling of layers, sitting with and accepting emotions and feelings rather than running from them.  A very new concept for me at the time.

Karen was by my side through all.  There was a flow of emotions both painful and otherwise just bursting to be heard.  I reconnected with me in a very different way.  It may sound strange but reconnecting with my inner child was the key for me.  This is where and when all my former belief systems originated and held true.  This is something I had to do in order to move forward.

Karen facilitated my return to ME and gave me the tools I needed  to move forward.  To say that, it is truly not enough.  She is my “Earth Angel” and will forever be so.  For the skills she presented me with have redefined my life. 

Jane, Meath

“I got to the heart of my main issue and the story and emotions behind it”

The experience was life changing. During that initial session,  I got to the heart of my main issue and the story and emotions behind it, followed by the release of those emotions and the forgiveness and understanding that followed.

It was exhausting and challenging, and the crying and blubbering were not a pretty sight but all through the process, Karen’s gentle, firm and supportive guidance created such a safe and encouraging space.

I had another session with Karen a few weeks later which again was profound, and I have attended further sessions with her in the intervening years. I have also recommended friends to her and her work and I know that their experiences were remarkable too.

For me, Karen is a wonderful person, extremely kind but also thoroughly professional in her approach to and delivery of her therapeutic work. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Michael, Wexford

“As I focused on seeing my mum as an actual person underneath all the negativity our relationship changed for the better”

One of the best things about working with Karen was having someone say what I was thinking but afraid to utter.  She made me see that it was ok to be myself and it has served me well in the years following our sessions.  She was honest and kind and I found this very empowering.

Initially, we worked through was some of my abandonment issues from my childhood.  I had no idea that they were still affecting me 35 years later or in fact, that I even felt abandoned.  We did some deep work where I came to some understandings about why they went away so often.  I also discovered confusion from the fact that I understood that they loved me but were still leaving me with friends on a regular basis while they travelled.

 Karen was amazing throughout this process and I was not at all self-conscious about talking to her honestly.

I was also struggling with my relationship with my mother.  By working through this with Karen,  I began to understand where my mother’s actions were coming from.  Over the course of a few sessions, I began to see that Mum is fearful of the unknown and new situations.  I was full of judgement for her.  I came to see that a very small percentage of our stressful interactions were in relation to what was currently going on and the rest was all the stories I was telling myself from the past.  This made it much easier to let it go.

As time passed, I found some new understanding for Mum, but I was still struggling with her negativity.  Karen gave me techniques to assist me.   These were life changing.   As I focused on seeing my mum as an actual person underneath all the negativity our relationship changed for the better.  

It was honestly a life saver to have Karen to talk to and give me feedback throughout all these years.  

Lucy, Dublin

“I had buried it so deep, put a lid on it and now it was taking its toll”

I was stuck emotionally, just surviving knowing in my heart I needed help. Once I made that decision, that I needed help, it’s amazing how the right person comes to you, to start the journey of healing.

For me it was Karen, a lady of kindness, support and wisdom. I was given my time, nothing fazes her. 

After my first session I came away feeling powerful, in a very good headspace, physically flexible and light in my body.

Together we worked on all the layers, as they came up.  What became very evident was the abuse and anger I was holding onto, from events that happened in my childhood. I had buried it so deep, put a lid on it and now it was taking its toll.  I was unable to have a loving relationship with myself. Having carried around this emotional baggage, it had affected every area of my life.  It took a lot of my energy to just keep a lid on it and I was emotionally exhausted.  Once I accessed these buried memories, I cleared away the hurt and pain, with Karen’s guidance, help and support.  She provided a safe space of comfort, where I could regain my confidence and self-worth.  These sessions involved ‘going deep’ process work, which resulted in some tears and also lots of laughs and ‘aha’ moments.  I always left the sessions feeling more empowered.   

I have made in-roads and progress, having a better relationship with all, especially myself. I now have the tools to continue making progress and I continue to allow the Universe to guide me on this journey that started with Karen. 

Joan, Kildare

“Karen’s style of questioning creates a deep awareness within”

Regardless of the big number of self-development presentations, trainings and workshops I attended, in time of crisis I forgot all of this and felt down, depressed and hibernated in my own imaginary cave. Being depressed in my cave is something that I didn’t want anyone to disturb. I was enjoying watching the world through my cave opening as if nothing mattered to me.

It was a work colleague who suggested Karen as a coach.  Being coached, remotely over this long distance was not an idea that I thought would work, however, after our first Skype session, with Karen, I signed up for her 6-month program. Karen knows how to make you talk while she listens carefully and directs the conversation so as you find the solution yourself.  She  watches your progress carefully and patiently and gently pushes you forward and follows up with your progress.  Karen’s style of questioning creates a deep awareness within.  A way for you to see what is truly happening in your life.  From this perspective, it’s easy to make the right decision.  Karen helped me uncover my own potential and magnify my strengths whilst working on improving my weak areas for my benefit. 

All my doubts about distance coaching evaporated with the progress I made with Karen. 

With Karen, it is not the business that is driving her but the passion. She so much takes the coaching as a responsibility. She goes the extra mile and supports clients professionally on personal levels.

Coaching can greatly enhance your personal life though also helps you create a super power for your business!  

Khalid, Saudi Arabia

“After each session with Karen, I can only describe it like swimming in a beautiful lake and coming out completely free and cleansed. I was ready to take on the world!”

The sessions I spent with Karen have remained valuable lessons, which I incorporate into my daily life now.  She taught me how to respond to a crisis rather than react.  She instilled in me that I was a warrior and could take on anything once I believed I could. Karen showed me to clear all hidden limitations.  She taught me that it is ok to say No and to be assertive again.  I had lost all of this on the way trying to people please.  I have learnt to stand up for myself.  With Karen I got back my self-worth and reminded me that that I deserved to be happy.

After each session with Karen, I can only describe it like swimming in a beautiful lake and coming out completely free and cleansed.  I was ready to take on the world!  

Audrey, Dublin

“Throughout our sessions, each of the issues was treated empathetically”

I was about 33 when the first panic attack happened, and it went on fairly regularly for the about 8 years.  I became a prisoner to panic attacks.  I was a shadow of my former self – the once independent, confident person was long gone.  

By the time I met Karen, I’d had enough.  I was at the end of my tether.   I had tried lots of therapies, but nothing seemed to help the panic attacks and anxiety go away.  Karen was fabulous.  From the get-go, I trusted her.  With all the stuff that went on in my life that I was ashamed of, felt guilty about or felt I couldn’t say the words out loud cause that would have meant they were true, she didn’t judge.  She listened and did her stuff.  Throughout our sessions, each of the issues was treated empathetically.  I felt I was for the first time being true to me.  I was acknowledging the stuff that went on in my life that I had swept under the carpet – too embarrassed, too ashamed.     

Karen and I worked through these issues sensitively, chipping away the emotional hurt.  Freeing myself from the past.  Although it was hard work emotionally, it was liberating.    Some people advised me just to take a tablet.  Whilst this might have calmed me down, it would never got to the source of the problem.  It is hard work facing deep emotional hurt.  Plenty of tears along the way but my I have always said ‘better out, than in’.

I really enjoyed my sessions with Karen, as well as clearing the past, I learnt so much about human behaviour and how the mind works. 

Vicki, Wicklow

“We touched on deeply painful stuff and yet by the end of it, I felt calm and empowered”

In 2013 I was diagnosed with breast cancer.    This came as a great shock to me.    I became extremely fearful and anxious.    I used some conventional treatment and embraced a naturopathic approach using a combination of diet, juicing, exercise and personal inquiry.   

I realised that I needed to change the way I was leading my life.     I felt “empty” inside.   Felt no joy and thought “is this all there is to life”.     Help was needed and I had heard about Brandon Bays “Journey Work”.   I searched online and found several therapists doing this work.   Karen O’Donnell was one of them.   I spoke to Karen on the phone and intuitively, she felt like the right choice for me.

It was one of the best decisions I made in my life.   That first session was powerful.     We touched on deeply painful stuff and yet by the end of it, I felt calm and empowered. 

My inner self felt heard and supported.  I felt safe.   This allowed me to become aware of the emotional pain, the sadness, the guilt, the shame and the negative beliefs I carried about myself!!    Near the end of each session,the acknowledgement, forgiveness, healing and opening of my heart occurred.  After these ‘Go Deep’ sessions, I felt feelings of love and joy.   

I continued to work with Karen for over four years.   I presented with all kinds of feelings e.g. disempowerment, terror, fear, vulnerability, anger, shame.    

We went very deep to painful places and through her skillful, insightful, intuitive, kind and compassionate enquiry with me, I came away from these sessions feeling calmer, more centered, stronger, happier and lighter.  

She provided the nurturing space for me to go deep, go beneath the terror and find my strength, my calm place, my deeper self.    

It is now 2 years since I completed working with Karen.  I honestly do not know how I would have coped without her support.   Life is very different for me now.    I no longer feel “empty”.   I feel full of love and appreciation.   

I highly recommend Karen.    She is gifted, insightful and wise.   I trust her and it’s wonderful to be with someone who does not judge you no matter what.     She is a joy to work with and I love her sense of humour. 

Jean, Tipperary

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Karen has been a personal growth coach for over 15 years.   Her book, ‘Discover your Inner GPS’ became an Amazon #1  best seller.  Karen helps clients in 1:1 sessions as well as workshops, both online and in person.


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