Courageous Conversations

With courageous conversations we can connect, communicate and collaborate more effectively.


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An objective of every courageous conversation is to enrich the relationship – whether it’s with a work colleague, family member or friend. With courageous conversations we can connect, communicate and collaborate more effectively.

‘The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place’ – George Bernard Shaw

  • What is the conversation you’ve been unable to have with your colleagues, partner, or yourself?
  • What has been the economical, emotional and intellectual costs to relationships or companies of not identifying and tacking the real issues?

“A relationship can succeed or fail, one conversation at a time” -Susan Scott

The ABC of Courageous Conversations – The fine art of Enquiry


  • Asking questions to which you may not already know the answer
  • Allow the other person to educate you


  • Building a relationship based on curiosity & interest in the other person


  • Seeking clarification so as you understand what is being said. And speak with clarity to be understood
An objective of each courageous Conversation is to Enrich the relationship

  • Connect
  • Communicate
  • Collaborate
When used with misunderstandings

  • Become proactive instead of reactive
  • Achieve a quick resolution
  • Enhance all relationships

My Approach

What you can expect from this workshop:

During this workshop, you will:

  • Discover our communication filters and how they can hinder a conversation
  • Distinguish between judgments, opinions, and facts
  • Work through a scenario to elicit a more positive approach and outcome
  • Learn to communicate more harmoniously with effective language
Courageous conversations can enhance your working relationship. Make room for courageous conversations and deepen that connection, communication and collaboration. You will be seen as:


  • An effective communicator
  • A person with high EQ
  • A leader

Group size is kept small to ensure optimum learning.

Program Components


In order to get the maximum benefit from this program, an initial call will be scheduled so as you can tell me exactly what you or your team are looking to achieve with their communication and the various challenges that have arisen. All participants will complete a questionnaire so as the workshop can be tailored to meet specific needs. In this way, optimum learning will be achieved during the workshop. Prep forms and resources will be emailed along with Zoom login details, prior to the workshop.


During this 2hr interactive workshop, you will discover communication patterns that can hinder relationships and we will work through proven processes to enhance how you communicate. We will discuss ideas, practice tools, work in groups to get the most out of the session. This program is highly interactive & fast-moving. While there is an overall atmosphere of fun there is also a serious amount of learning taking place.


Further support for you! A specific ‘client only area’ will be available on The Speaker Coach website once you have completed this program. This will contain slides from the workshop, a reflective template, and other resources to support you in building relationships through effective communication. Should you or any of your team wish to avail of our other programs, you can benefit from a special 20% discount.

This workshop has it all -– deep diving to unearth limiting beliefs…. strategy techniques , fun and laughter! You will walk out of this workshop with effective techniques to building relationships with more clarity.


I really enjoyed Karen’s workshop and got loads out of it. It was really useful to have Karen take me through the techniques in person and I am looking forward to continuing the techniques and getting the benefits from them. I feel empowered and motivated to succeed.

Cian TannerSenior Manager @ Deloitte Ireland

Its interesting and valuable to question yourself in relation to others and the belief systems you have. This workshop enabled me to look at this, identify not only the ‘benefits’ but also the cause and effects to me and how I might change them. Using the visualisation of a different happier memory and belief was very helpful.

Orla DempseyCareer Coach

Karen’s workshop was inspiring, eye-opening and exciting. It was amazing to see some of the breakthroughs in the room and I left the workshop feeling invincible – like I could take on the World. The visualisation technique at the end of the workshop helped me to really step into my vision of my future and what potential it and I could have. Thank you so much Karen, you’re amazing!

Lynsey HanrattyBusiness Coach

Karen is a great communicator and also someone who makes you feel comfortable. Very impressed with the workshop. Really enjoyed it. Great techniques. I got a lot from this workshop and would highly recommend it to others, both within and outside the coaching community.

Bill FitzgeraldSenior Technical Support Engineer

Karen's credentials really stood out to us, and her engagement style made it straight-forward to tailor a package to suit our needs. The feedback received to date is proving it's time well spent, with this response standing out to me, from an experienced yet quiet manager; "I'd go as far to say it was one of the best sessions I have attended in my career". We are delighted with progress to date and wouldn't hesitate in recommending for other organisations.

Dean CaronDirector of IT Delivery, Engineering Excellence (DevOps) @ Unum Ireland

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Karen has been a personal growth coach for over 15 years.   Her book, ‘Discover your Inner GPS’ became an Amazon #1  best seller.  Karen helps clients in 1:1 sessions as well as workshops, both online and in person.


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