Mastering the Pieces
to Storytelling

Breathe life into your stories and create captivating content, which will keep your audiences leaning on your every word.


Storytelling is one of the vital components to a presentation

For generations, experiences of  hardship, valour and successes  were retold through nursery rhymes, songs and stories. With every story, brought a challenge, and a change/learning for the main character.  Your product or service can be that change for your audience!  A well-crafted story is the anchor that helps your audience to engage, connect and remember you and your product/service.

If you want to become a presenter who can inspire and engage others with your stories – this workshop ‘Mastering the pieces to Storytelling’ can help you to transform your experiences into compelling business stories.  You will learn to breathe life into your stories and create captivating content, which will keep your audiences leaning on your every word.

“Never make a point without telling a story, and never tell a story without making a point” -Ed Percival

My Approach

Stories that are told well do three things for you. They make you relatable, drive home your message and make your presentation memorable. Here are some areas which you can master with Karen:

  • How to establish a connection with an audience before you step foot on the stage
  • 3-Step winning formula for opening your speech with great impact
  • How to gain that competitive edge through well-crafted stories
  • The vital component to delivering a striking speech
  • The four-step formula that appeals to each personality type in your audience
  • Mastering Foundational Phrases to ensure clear points
  • 10 World Class Speaking delivery tools to engage your audience from
  • 4-step formula to closing your speech in the most powerful way
  • 8 Keys to having an effective Q&A session to enhance your credibility
  • Create presentations with a proven repeatable process can make speech writing more enjoying and less time consuming.

Group size is kept small to ensure optimum learning.

By learning the art of Public Speaking and Business Storytelling you can leave a lasting impression on your audience each time you speak.

As an effective communicator, you will be seen as the expert in your field which will increase your leads, strengthen your brand and boost your business growth.

Program Components


In order to get the maximum benefit from this program, an initial call will be scheduled so as you can tell me exactly what you or your team are looking to achieve with presentations and I can explain how storytelling can enhance this for you. All participants will complete a questionnaire so as the workshop can be tailored to meet specific needs. In this way, optimum learning will be achieved during the workshop. Prep forms and resources will be emailed along with Zoom login details, prior to the workshop.


During this 2hr interactive workshop, you will work through proven processes which will enhance how you make those first connections.

This program is highly interactive, fast-moving and will have each person in the group speaking up at various times throughout the session. While there is an overall atmosphere of fun there is also a serious amount of learning taking place.


Further support for you and your team. A specific ‘client only area’ will be available on The Speaker Coach website once you have completed this program. This will contain slides from the workshop, a storytelling template, and other resources to support you in constructing business stories. Should you or any of your team require further coaching, for a particular speaking event, you can benefit from a special 20% discount on our other programs.


I attended one of Karen's workshops on story telling and have read her excellent book, Discover your inner GPS. I found Karen's workshops to be fun, interactive and very engaging. You come away with lots of action points and structure that you can use immediately. I would highly recommend her workshops to anyone looking for pointers on presentations and story telling.

Sarah BlakeSustainability

Karen's story telling workshop is a very practical and inspiring session for even the most nervous of public speakers. You come away with a practical toolbox of easy to use techniques to improve your speech construction and delivery. The practical sessions give really good opportunity to practice using the tools and Karen's encouraging and motivating presentation style will inspire confidence in your own skills. It is highly recommended.

Orla McEvoy

I recently attended Karen's workshop on 'Mastering the Pieces of Storytelling'. The workshop was seamlessly run, filled with lots of great and practical tips and was very interactive - which I found really effective with regard to enforcing the many take aways. I would highly recommend this workshop and any program being run by Karen. She is an excellent coach with a huge bank of knowledge and experience. Through her enthusiasm, attention to detail and her clear and highly skilled communication style, she creates an atmosphere of fun and a forum that you will take a huge amount away from. Thanks Karen!

John MartinFinance

Story telling is a topic I'm very passionate about. I love learning about this topic so attended one of Karen's workshops after hearing her speak at one of my events. I loved the simplicity in which she taught the group how to construct a story to show it not tell it. Karen's book also helped me overcome a challenge I had for over 20 years. A lady of many talents with a warm friendly personality. I highly recommend Karen as a speaker and coach.

Amanda DelaneyBusiness Mentor

Karen is an excellent teacher. I participated in her Mastering the Pieces of Storytelling, in which she broke the components of a good story into a very understandable and usable format, which greatly improves a speech's flow and content. It's a very enjoyable class with easy and fun group participation.

Owen McCarthyRisk Management, European Depositary Bank

Terrific workshop on Storytelling - Karen let us in on this secret weapon of public speaking and I loved that it was hands-on and very interactive. Great to get trained by such a great speaker.

Grainne O’MalleyWriter

I attended Karen’s Storytelling Workshop on Zoom recently and learnt so much in just 2 hours. It was really enjoyable and Karen laid out the steps so clearly that they were easy to follow. We had fun putting the pieces together and I was really surprised that we could produce a story so quickly. I came away with a real sense of achievement knowing that I had been given the tools to construct a great story.

Anne MandalMediator

Your Platform Partner

Karen is part of a world-wide team of coaches to ensure she is  keeps up to date with cutting edge tools and techniques so as her clients can to leaders, speakers and business owners.

Karen helps leaders, executives and organisations to create, refine and deliver powerful presentations with compelling business stories. Karen O’Donnell , she can help you to transform your communication.

Karen is a Distinguished  Toastmaster and trained the leadership teams in Ireland and the UK.  Karen furthered her own training and became a certified World Class Speaker Coach.  Her book, ‘Discover your Inner GPS’ became an Amazon #1  best seller.


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