Do you want to be a Confident & Influential Speaker

Do you have a presentation or special speech to give?

Would you like to learn a process to effective write presentations quickly?

With innerGPS programs you will learn how to  deliver captivating presentations and enhance your brand through corporate storytelling.    

Create compelling content through proven presentation processes and strategies. Karen O’Donnell, certified World Class Speaking Coach, assists  CEO’s, Executives & Entrepreneurs in delivering high impact keynote speeches.

In her very lively energised session, Karen gave clear tips and most importantly actionable suggestions on how to present a successful presentation.

Dee Walsh, GP Practice Nurse

Presentation Skills

All programs are tailor made to match your  unique requirements and can contain the following proven techniques to ensure you deliver powerful presentations:

  • How to Structure your presentation for maximum effect from the opening to the closing.
  • The PARTS Formula for Creating Killer Content.
  • The 7 Cs to Master Storytelling and make unforgettable points.
  • The 17 biggest mistakes most speakers make.
  • Create an  interesting Q&A section and audience interaction to achieve optimum engagement.
  • Generate powerful presentation slides that will enhance your message.
  • More than 10 delivery tools that will keep your audiences spellbound.
  • How to SWAP (Sell Without Annoying People) from the back of the room.

Discover how innerGPS programs can help you speak persuasively and wow your audiences

Business Pitch

Pick up techniques to effectively communicate your ideas to win more deals

Develop the attitude and skillset needed for successful interview.​

Karen really helped me focus and structure my business goals in a way that I had never thought of before. Through vibrant and engaging coaching sessions, she helped me construct a business pitch that enabled me to focus my message and “sell” my business idea. Karen truly is a fantastic coach and I would recommend anyone who is preparing for a pitch or an interview to contact her! 

Edel McConnell, Life Coach
Modern Minds Matter

I worked with Karen to perfect my communication style. She is dynamic and detail oriented with a keen eye for perfection in my performance on how I tell my story to get a greater impact. I will work again with Karen and recommend her.  

Sudha Mani, IT Business Consultant
Avinash Business Consultants

Karen was an enthusiastic ear and gave me great feedback to refine and perfect my presentation.  She gave me the confidence and structure I needed and removed the fear for me.  I have no hesitation in recommending Karen as a Speaker Coach.  

Ross Killeen, CEO
Motherland & Event Junkies

I contacted Karen for assistance with an upcoming presentation I was giving.  Although initially sceptical about how helpful "coaching in communication" would be, the changes were spot on. The one–to–one meetings, guidance on content of the slides and sense of fun throughout allowed me to grow the conversation I wanted to have. It sounded like me, not a textbook or a robot. Karen's personalised approach and techniques, I could relate to the audience and found my voice.

Rachel Kane, Interaction Designer