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Once you see your own negative beliefs, you can then balance them with more supportive positive beliefs. Here’s how.

When you uncover a core negative belief, take a few moments to acknowledge how it helped you survive certain situations when you were younger. Recognise how clever the younger you was for putting this in place. Take a moment to appreciate the way the old belief helped you as a child. Thank it for the part it played in keeping you safe.  Follow this link to get your free audio download

You will find that you’ll stop ‘reacting’ to certain words or events. You will have this new awareness of why you react in such a way. You will find yourself making powerful, positive changes to your life. Clearing out these old negative beliefs will increase your self-confidence as you install and develop your innerGPS. You will heal those wounds of deep emotional pain. You will discover quicker routes to your destination. You will make healthier choices for yourself along your journey. You will find more love, success and happiness. You will enjoy sharing your journey with more supportive people.