"I came away from this Presentation Masterclass much more confident and ready to present with impact"
Ger Murphy - IT Specialist

The innerGPS System improves Presentation & Storytelling Skills

  • Do you have an upcoming speech or presentation to give?
  • Would you like to deliver memorable presentations?
  • Do you want an effective process to creating speeches in very little time?
  • Would you like to be seen as an expert in your field?

Tailormade Masterclasses

We offer fun and interactive workshops where your team will learn all aspects of structuring presentations, keeping the content ‘audience friendly’ including appropriate use of slides, along with learning essential delivery skills. 

There is a psychology behind connecting with your audience – by becoming aware of this aspect of presentation delivery, your team will gain that competitive edge.

Certified in Training & Development along with World Class Speaking Coach  certification, we are your ideal partner to effectively train your team.

Gain that competitive edge with Powerful Presentation Skills. Enhance your team to ensure their presentations will be memorable for all the right reasons.

We focus on the content and structure of presentations.

We de-tech & jargon-bust the wording in order to enhance the connection with your audience.

A vital aspect of presentations is to create compelling content with the 5 piece P.A.R.T.S. formula.

We look at Aristotle’s 3 persuasive proofs!

5 Elements of influence in selling

Open with impact

7C’s to powerful corporate storytelling

Developing your Closing Anchor

Transitional Teases

The focus is on YOUR delivery.  How to deliver a memorable message that your audience will be compelled to act on!  These in-company programs can be tailored to your teams’ needs, both in content and duration.  Individual programs are available for a specific speaking event.

The following areas are covered:

10 Most common delivery mistakes and how to avoid them

10 dynamic delivery strategies

8 Keys to help you master your Q&A Sessions

A pre-session questionnaire is completed by each participant so as we can focus specific attention to the needs of each individual.

Learn how to engage your audience through captivating storytelling.

Develop strong corporate stories to strengthen your brand.

Present your stories just like a professional!

Anticipated outcomes for participants:

Inform with confidence

Deliver your message with conviction

Connect with your audience & keep them engaged

Build content for your speech or message

Jargon bust in order to engage audience

Using the latest in science & psychology of interpersonal communication to captivate your audience

Stage choreography

Hold your audience’s attention through precise movement and visual anchoring.

Save time with proven and repeatable storytelling formulas

Apply little-used delivery ‘tools’ to grab audiences attention, keep them on the edge of their seats and inspire them to act on your message

Giving an engaging and dynamic presentation is a learned skill.  By mastering this skill you can:-

  • Advance Your Career Faster
  • Attract More Clients
  • Make More Money
  • Master This Skill in Less Time
  • Reduce Your Stress

These masterclasses are interactive so as everyone gets to hone these skills.  Each participants presentation will be videoed and everyone receives individual feedback.  Number of attendees is limited to 10 so as to provide sufficient opportunity to test out the various skills.  

With our latest event that is currently being organised, the once petrified presenters are now implementing the techniques that they have been taught by Karen and actually looking forward to presenting at the event.