Discover your innerGPS Workshops

What you can expect from this workshop:

During this transformation workshop, you will be able to release deep emotional blocks, dis empowering beliefs and other unhealthy conditioning. You’ll learn how your body can release the past in order to heal.

  • Release past hurt & pain
  • Become more calm and less reactive
  • Rediscover the source of your personal power
  • Clear a belief that has previously stopped you from taking action
  • Making way for new possibilities of success

This workshop has it all – deep diving to unearth limiting beliefs…. strategy techniques , fun and laughter! You will walk out of this workshop with keys to unlocking your true potential, more clarity and strategies for living your purpose.

 Available for Private or Public groups

This workshop is ideal for community groups and corporate teams.  By clearing emotional trauma and limiting beliefs each attending can excel in their own life, in their relationships and also in their career.  If you are involved with a group and would like Karen to deliver this workshop to your group, this can be arranged.  Ideally this workshop is suitable for up to 16 people 

Alternately,  you can attend one of our public workshops which is held every 3 months.  

Contact Karen – to book this workshop for your group or express your interest in her public workshop.